Grand Opening @ The Digichick!

Wake Me Up. New kit by Amy Stoffel

After six long months of hiatus I’ve decided to crawl out of my turtle shell and start designing again. Thank you to Sinead and the lovely team at The Digichick for taking me in and giving me a new home! I look forward to helping turn your memories into masterpieces once again!

More often than not, music is what inspires me to create. I see lyrics and harmonies in colors and patterns and elements. My grand debut back to designing was quite literally inspired by the song Wake Me Up by Aviici. I would be cleaning or exercising and I could see it in my head. This kit brings together all of my favorite things: color, doodles, vintage and boldness. Whether you are scrapping your “waking up”, your teens and in-betweens or anything else, this kit is sure to inspire!
I also have a shop full of some older items I loved that are excited to see the light of day again 


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